How to really heal

mind Aug 30, 2019

Complete healing requires these 3 things


You have first need to release worry & frustration and replace with serenity & gratitude. Adopt the practice of affirming you desires for...

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Before you blame the thyroid...

thyroid weight loss Aug 29, 2019

Oh the pesky thyroid...gets the blame for weight gain, not being able to lose weight, low sex drive, thinning hair, even global warming

But if you look at the neurophysiology of the thyroid,...

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How to be healthy for a long time

mitochondria Aug 28, 2019

If YOU want to be healthy for a long time, pay attention to these things.

  1. Inflammation
  2. Oxidative Stress
  3. Mitochondropathy
  4. A Decrease in Autophagy

Inflammation is the silent killer. When...

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What I do with every single patient to get their health back

functional kinesiology Aug 28, 2019

This is what I do with every single patient

Everyone starts at a different point, but we’ll cover all these through a treatment program

And things always change as your body changes



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