Before you blame the thyroid...

thyroid weight loss Aug 29, 2019

Oh the pesky thyroid...gets the blame for weight gain, not being able to lose weight, low sex drive, thinning hair, even global warming 😂

But if you look at the neurophysiology of the thyroid, you’ll see that there are higher order dysfunctions happening

1️⃣Dysfunctional Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis (HPA axis for short)...lots of people blame the adrenals putting out excess cortisol and epinephrine. True, but why is it doing that? Keep reading...

2️⃣Dysfunctional  Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Thyroid Axis (HPT axis for short)...this is just collateral damage...keep reading

3️⃣Improperly stimulated Supra Chiasmatic Nucleus (SCN for short). It starts here with establishing proper biorhythms. Don’t expect all the other things to balance out till this is corrected.

4️⃣Chronic emotional stress/deep seated emotional complexes. If your Limbic system is overburdened with emotional stressors from past emotional memories, you’re going to be in sympathetic drive. EFT tapping, homeopathy, flower essences, NET/TBM works wonders to reset the emotional response

5️⃣Aberrant neurological input from the spine and muscle spindle fibers. Mist likely due to improper posture/alignment. If due to direct trauma you must correct that imbalance. If not due to direct trauma, must look to internal organ imbalance. Correcting this in conjunction with the emotional response along with re-establishing proper stimulation of the SCN is the foundation to correcting Thyroid issues

This is the foundation to correct a thyroid dysfunction.


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