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Blue Blocking Glasses

Light controls your biorhythms. We're getting too much "NOON" light at NIGHT, and our bodies aren't getting enough optimal sleep. These glasses give you the most bang for your buck! Check out their red night lights as well!

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Water Filtration

It's essential to filter the water you drink, especially flouride and other contaminants. 

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Check out AquaTru

Molecular Hydrogen

The best form of antioxidant. This should be a daily part of your regimen.

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Watch this video for a deeper explanation


Air Filtration

It's also essential to filter the air you breathe. Our indoor air is very polluted, dust, mold and other volatile compounds

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Red Light Therapy

Decrease fine lines, wrinkles, increase collagen, heal wounds faster, increase circulation, boost mitochondrial function, decrease pain. Yeah we love Photobiomodulation

Sauna Space Red Light Panel

Get Grounded

Just like your cell phone, your body needs to be recharged. You do that by reconnecting to the earth. It's sounds pretty crazy, but the science is there to support it. 


Pique Tea

I love teas, but I don't like taking the time to brew them. Having these "tea packets" makes having tea a breeze! Plus they go through the process of making these super clean! Give them a try!




The most common household cleaning products are laden with endocrine disruptors. Basically, they're not good for you. Branch Basics creates CLEAN CLEANING products. And it's so simple to use. There's a concentrate that you can use to make all your household cleaning products. 

Get Cleaning Products


Mushrooms! These are a staple for me and my everyday protocol - especially for sleep (I love the REISHI blend). But there are so many blends that are amazing. Get some now! 

Get Your Shrooms

Vagus Nerve Support

Chronic stress will decrease your lifespan. I love this blend that helps to increase your vagal tone. 

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Get ParaSym Plus

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