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The abundance of health advice available online may be overwhelming. Does it seem difficult to know where to begin and what will actually work for your particular set of needs? It's not just you. Conflicting information can leave many people feeling disoriented and frustrated when they first start their health journey.

In order to give you a clear, scientifically supported roadmap and a network of supporters to help you along the journey, we built our health and longevity community called THRIVE 120

The goal of the community is to help you to THRIVE not just SURVIVE. The 120 comes from the scientific evidence that the human lifespan can reach 120 years of age. 

Personalized methods, practical insights, and the support you require to succeed are all provided by our expert-led community, which aims to demystify health and wellness.

We are here to support you as you confidently and clearly travel your route, whether your goal is to increase your energy, enhance your nutrition, or just live a longer, healthier life.

Come take a look with us today and begin your journey to improving your health and living longer!


THREE Simple Steps

  1. Get on the Waitlist by clicking the JOIN HERE button
  2. Once we launch you'll go through the onboarding process in the community
  3. Learn, Apply, Connect & Transform your health


Here's what you get...

  • Discussions - this is like the "feed" of any social media account. Lots of posts that aren't "allowed" on social media platforms. 
  • Events - webinars on different topics you can participate in. They'll all be recorded and replays made available. (each webinar valued at $297)
  • Q&As - Ask your questions and we'll answer! (Q&As valued $147/week)
  • Laser Coaching - you can apply to get a short 1:1 coaching session where we'll go over strategies, these will be recorded and others can learn from them as well. (valued at $397/session)
  • Courses - All of the current and future courses will be here. But these courses have a community attached to them. We'll occasionally announce certain challenges which we'll go through the courses together with live calls and Q&As. (Current total course value estimated $1700)
  • Challenges & Games - sometimes it's easier to do things together as a community. We'll have different challenges throughout the year. Some will correlate with the different courses. Some will be simple challenges like the "drink water, move throughout the day, get sunlight" challenges. You'll earn different badges as well! 
  • Protocols - you can easily search for a specific protocol and be able to find it within this portal. Say you wanted to learn the protocol we use for "stress reduction"...it's there! We'll keep posting the different protocols over time. (valued $997)
  • More things to come - as we grow our community, you have a say on what we'll include, what doesn't seem useful, and other things you'd like to see. That's the beauty of this platform we're creating! It's a breathing, ever-evolving life form! 
  • Monthly value at over $4997/month

You can access the community portal from a desktop or the mobile app. 

Click the join here button to see your membership options! 

Who this is for 👍🏽

You're open to learning 😃

Want to learn a better way 🤨

Feel like you can contribute to the community 🤙🏽

Stuck on your health journey 😤

Who this is not for 👎🏽

Confrontational, Narcissistic 😬

Just looking for a band-aid, quick fix approach to your health 🙅🏽‍♀️

Not open-minded, only one way of thinking 🤫



If you don't know me...

I'm Dr. Mike Okouchi. I was trained in the arts of Chiropractic and went down the path of Functional Medicine. I used to have brick and mortar practice in Irvine, CA but wanted to impact more lives. I couldn't do that by seeing patients 1 on 1. I slowly started to post my protocols online and now with the development of this online community I'm able to impact more lives around the world! 

We'd love to have you become part of our community! 

I've heard this too many times...

"Doc I wish I had found you sooner..." 

That always breaks my heart. 

That's the reason we set out to create this community. We want to help you to avoid the confusion of navigating your health journey. 

We want to empower you with the framework and tools that will be useful to you. 

And because the field of health is ever changing, we view this community to be the best place to share and discuss these things. 

Picture this...

You're in your later years enjoying life on a beach, running (yes I said running) after your grandchildren and taking in all that life has to offer. 

That's the vision we have with THRIVE120. 

We want to THRIVE for the rest of our lives so that we can be GIVERS to the world rather than TAKERS. 

If this sounds like a life you want to lead, please consider joining our community!