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Top 3 things to improve fertility naturally

Infertility rates are skyrocketing at an alarming rate. I’ve seen so many patients that are going through fertility issues. These are the foundational aspects of what I address with each patient going through fertility issuses


STRESS reduction! When your brain kicks in the survival mechanism: digestion, hormones, and immunity go out the door.

Your body only cares about running away from the attacker!

We start everyone off with measuring HRV (heart Rate Variability). This allows us to quantify your current stress levels. A major stressor that affects fertility is chronic exposure to toxic EMFs (especially WiFi). 


Boost progesterone levels! Almost 100% of my patients have a progesterone deficiency. Look for toxins that can interfere with hormonal balance (plastics are a big one). Along with this is estrogen dominance, which is primarily due to a “sluggish” liver. 


Decrease insulinogenic response. High levels of insulin/insulin...

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