Unveiling Recovery: The Missing Key to Your Wellness

body recovery Feb 20, 2024

Recovery is one area that is frequently neglected in the quest for ideal health. Its importance, however, cannot be emphasized. Ignoring recovery not only impedes progress but also puts the body in a deleterious state, especially if it persists for a long period. As a medical professional, I have seen firsthand the significant effects of making recovery a top priority. Here, I list five key points that are vital for promoting a successful recovery and improving general wellbeing.


Focus on Heart Rate Variability. If you're significantly low, the primary way to improve your score is resonance breathing. The app "elite HRV" has a section that guides you through a resonance breathing protocol. 

Resting Heart Rate (RHR): Five days' average would be used. If your RHR is eight to ten beats greater than your average, your body isn't fully recovered. This indicates that you should stop engaging in demanding activities. 

Get adequate sleep. Yeah this is pretty obvious! In subsequent articles, we'll dive deeper on how to optimize your sleep! 


While getting enough water is crucial for healing, merely consuming "plain water" won't help much. Stress causes the body to significantly dehydrate. We consume a lot of "dead" water, meaning it lacks the natural minerals your body needs to fully rehydrate. For the minerals to be better absorbed, a small amount of glucose is required. 

Here's a recipe we use with athletes for their recovery: 

  • 1 cup spring water
  • 1 banana
  • 2 cups organic strawberries
  • 1 scoop whey protein powder
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tsp sea salt


Protein is the most important macronutrient during this process. The rule of thumb is: 

1g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight

All physical activities will break down tissues, especially at the cellular level. Protein is the building block to repair this breakdown. You need to be properly hydrated to make this rebuilding process effective. So make sure that you're focusing on your hydration! 

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is part of the healing process, but you need to control it. And due to modern lifestyles, the baseline level of inflammation is already higher.

Throw in the recovery process and you may tip over the top.

I always encourage my patients to utilize proteolytic enzymes to control this process.

It has to be taken on an empty stomach, meaning 2 hours away from food. The best ones I've found is MassZymes, which you can find here


The protein mentioned in the Refuel section will be used by the body, but collagen precursors and substances that help increase DC electric current can speed up the process (don't worry, we'll cover more of these topics later).

Additionally, because fasting increases autophagy, that's another thing we incorporate. Especially intermittent fasting. You still need the total caloric intake to be high, so you don't want to do block fasting. Something in the realms of 18-20 intermittent fasts.  

Collagen precursors: Vit C, Copper

Foods like berries, citrus, eggs, seeds, nuts, organ meats


To sum up, understanding the critical role that recuperation plays in our health regimens is essential to attaining long-term well-being. By making recovery a priority and incorporating its fundamental components into our daily lives, we enable ourselves to reach our maximum potential on the physical and emotional levels. In order to ensure that we not only thrive in the here and now but also build a strong foundation for the future, let us embrace the journey of recovery as a pillar of our holistic approach to health.


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