The 4 Common Culprits that Mess Up your Hormones

Almost every patient that walks in wanting help with their hormones is completely shocked when I tell them “we’re not going to start with addressing your hormones.”

I rarely ever start there, unless its in dire need. Why? Because imbalanced hormones mean that something is causing it to go out of balance. And most times it comes down to these 4 things I posted above.

This means that if you fail to address these 4 culprits, trying to get hormones back into balance will be next to impossible.

  1. Circadian Rhythms - the day-night cycle (entrained by LIGHT) will set the pace for everything in the body. This is like the conductor in the orchestra. When the conductor is balanced rhythmically, the rest of the “players” will soon fall in step. Hormonal imbalance usually means that each of the players is playing at the wrong TIME or playing at the wrong VOLUME. So what do we do here? Easy ➡️ it all revolves around light, as in THE SUN. Get up with the sun, go down with the sun and get as much sun exposure as you can. Reduce your exposure to artificial lights.
  2. Stress - if your body thinks it's under attack it re-prioritizes things to survive. Digestion/Elimination, Hormones, Immunity will all be suppressed as the body will increase the function of the Brain, Muscles, and cardiovascular system all driven by blood Glucose. The prime way we get an insight into your stress response is by measuring HRV. The more variable your heart rate is, the less stress your body is experiencing or the more resilient to stress your body may be.
  3. Toxin overburden - toxins come from both external and internal. And when stress increases, so do cortisol, which will cause the liver to become “sluggish” (decreases bile flow). Some toxins can mimic the effects of hormones. This is why I don’t run traditional hormone tests right off the bat, because these toxins can often cause the test results to show normal. Toxins will also increase the oxidative stress load on the body, which further drives the hormonal symphony out of balance. So the key is to lower the stress response and help the liver out. In the Hormonal Harmony course, I teach you the protocol to help the liver process phase 1 to phase 2 to phase 3 effectively.
  4. Gut Imbalance - it all starts here! If we fail to get the gut back into balance then it's like trying to build a skyscraper on marshland! You need large amounts of quality protein properly digested to amino acids & adequate fat intake to properly support the formation of hormones. Then you need to take care of the inflammation at the gut border.

If you found this post to be of benefit leave me your thoughts below, share this with your friends and family members and if you're new, please consider following along the journey! ⁠

Be Well & Aloha⁠

Dr. Mike 🤙🏽


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