The 3 Steps to Heal your body naturally

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2020

Ok so you're not feeling well and now you start to seek out answers and possible solutions. If you're like most people you search the internet using your symptoms as the keywords in your search. Google pulls up a bunch of sites so you begin your journey. After about 3 hours you're either thoroughly confused or deathly afraid because your search ended up telling you that you have a terminal illness (i.e. WebMD) don't lie, you've been down this road!!!

Then you seek out professional help to combine it with some home remedies and now you have a bunch of pills to take. But how do you know if what you're doing is actually the right thing?  In this article, you'll learn 3 easy steps to take in order to heal your body!

Treatment Overload

I deal with more people who are sick because of their "treatments" than the illnesses themselves. I find that the prescribed treatments and supplements are doing more harm than good for one reason only: being used at the wrong time.

You have a girlfriend who tells you to take this miracle supplement and then your doctor gives you medications. These may be effective but it's not the right thing for your body at that time. My typical patient will bring in a box full of bottles, a mixture of nutritional supplements and prescribed medications. I go through all of their stuff and end up consolidating things and putting them in the correct order.

How your body heals itself

Step one: remove things that don't need to be there. The first step in your healing program must be focused on removing the things that don't need to be there. These are things like infections (parasites, candida, fungus, viruses, etc) and toxins.

  • The first place we start is diet. Start off small with your changes, but attack the biggest culprits. If you're eating fast food 3 times per week, cut it down to 1.
  • The second place we address is the gut, focusing on clearing out the overgrowth of opportunistic bacteria & parasites.
  • Third, we need to look at enhancing detoxification through the kidneys, liver/colon, lungs, and skin.
  • Fourth, we remove any structural imbalances in the body.
  • Fifth we need to remove self-limiting belief systems and any toxic relationships in your life.  This can take anywhere between 3-6 months depending upon how long your issue has been there.

Step two: repair the damaged terrain. During this step, the focus is to rebuild any damaged tissues and organs. Things like your gut lining can become more porous and lead to a condition called leaky gut. You start to absorb undigested proteins that trigger inflammation. Infections and toxins wreak havoc on your system. At this step, your symptoms usually disappear and you begin to think that you're all healed. So you start to "push the boundaries." Wrong move! This is like wet cement at this point, it looks good, but don't step on it!!! Keep going on your program.

Step three: restore all the deficiencies. During your illness, your body becomes depleted of many vital nutrients. This is the step that most people start. They want to take a supplement to give nutrients or the next Himalayan berry to reverse aging. The problem with starting at this step is that your body can't properly absorb and utilize the things you're giving it. And it often adds to the stress your system is going through.

The way I explain this to patients is that it's like planting a garden in an overgrown area. Get out the weeds, bugs and toxic soil. Then you repair the damage that was done to the area, possibly putting in new soil...and then finally adding fertilizer and planting the seeds.

Wrapping it up

Before you start on any type of "health restorative" program you need to create a plan of attack. Focus on first removing, then follow that up with repairing and then restoring. If you do it in that order, you're giving your body the best chance at regaining health.

You may have friends or family who's struggling with their health, feel free to share this post with them. It will give them a system for regaining their health. 


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