Top 5 things for anti-aging helping stem cell production

anti-aging mitochondria Jul 13, 2020

Mankind has searched relentlessly for “the fountain of youth.”

The truth is that biological aging will never be stopped, but there are things that can slow the progression. Modern lifestyle actually SPEEDS up the aging process

Whenever I work with a patient who wants to take an “anti-aging” approach we always focus on improving stem cell expression as well as optimizing mitochondrial energetics.

Stem cells should produce "healthy" new cells after the old ones are taken away. Mitochondria should produce energy in the form of ATP effortlessly. When these two things are impeded, the aging process speeds up. 

These are the top 5 things we’ll focus on 

  1. Lifting heavy things - squats, deadlifts, chest presses. If you’re just getting back into things, work it slowly!
  2. Fasting - intermittent & block fasting, also implementing lower caloric intake, more nutrient-dense foods. (I have an entire podcast episode on fasting)
  3. Pterostilbene - sounds like a dinosaur, this is the “superstar” cousin to resveratrol, it's better absorbed than resveratrol. It is a Sirtuin activator, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer & neuro-protective agent. I use TRUTH with all my patients
  4. Green Tea - specifically epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) an antioxidant, decreases tumor necrosis factor-alpha, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective…a great teammate to pterostilbene. Oh, and it’s also a zinc ionophore which means that it helps zinc to enter into cells which will then disrupt viral replication. Here's the GREEN TEA that I love (which also helps you to fast better!) 
  5. Optimal sleep - we focus on QUALITY first (REM 20-25%) and then QUANTITY based on age and season (shorter in the summer months, longer in the winter) Sleep is when the body regenerates and detoxifies. If you don’t get optimal sleep, you don’t optimize those two things. And it won’t matter if you’re doing the previous 4 things mentioned! I interviewed Shawn Stevenson @shawnmodel about this very topic and he has a great book called “Sleep Smarter” which I highly recommend! Also, love to use the @ouraring to help track sleep!

In my Vitality Masterclass, I go over deeper strategies for longevity. The masterclass is included as a bonus with the Total Gut Restore course

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Be Well & Aloha⁠

Dr. Mike 🤙🏽

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