A natural approach to Alopecia

gut restore hair thyroid Apr 22, 2022

Whenever a patient presents with alopecia areata there are a few things that pop up in my brain:

🔹 STRESS overload/Inability to adapt 

🔹 Gut Disturbance/Microbiome Imbalance

🔹 Gall Bladder issues (which is due to stress-cortisol)

The interplay between these 3 things will affect how the immune system reacts, causing a hyperimmune response that will impede hair growth. 

I always stress the importance of working INTERNALLY to affect skin issues (yes, hair is part of the skin). 

The main goal that I focus on with patients going through this is decreasing the inflammatory response. There are 3 main ways/tools I use: 

1️⃣ Photobiomodulation (Red Light) - Discount code: TRIPLEPLAYDOC for 10% off

2️⃣ Topical & Internal Molecular Hydrogen - Discount code: DRMIKE for 10% off

3️⃣ Gut supporting nutrients (spore-based probiotics/onions/garlic/oysters) 


I’ll also adjust T4 vertebrae and whatever else subluxations present themselves. Then use topical lavender while shining red light on the area, stacking on molecular hydrogen (internally & externally). 

At home, we’ll focus on the Gut Restore protocol (discount code: HEALMYGUT) and measure HRV with @ouraring or using a HR monitor. We need to see HRV so that we can track stress response and take appropriate action if stress levels are too high. 

Another one that I’ve used that had good results has been fenugreek. 

Have you found anything else that has helped? Let us know in the comments! 

If you found this post to be of benefit leave me your thoughts below, share this with your friends and family members and if you're new, please consider following along the journey! ⁠


Be Well & Aloha⁠

Dr. Mike 🤙🏽

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