Is the hype around CBD all "smoke" & mirrors?

By now most people have heard about CBD, hemp oil, THC, marijuana, Rick Simpson’s Oil, Charlotte’s Web, etc..

The cannabis plant has been met with lots of controversy over the years, but over the past decade, we’ve seen a surge of “CBD” within the natural health space. Now you can find CBD products at your local gas station! (I did a podcast interview with Dr. Rachna Patel on Myth Busting Medical Marijuana)

Let me give you a very brief explanation about the system which “cannabinoids” affects ➡️ called the ENDOCANNABINOID system (ECS). Our body's main cannabinoid it produces is called ANANDAMIDE (AEA) and 2-AG. These cannabinoids will attach to a cannabinoid receptor (CB1/CB2) and stimulate the ECS.

The ECS is the overall “body balancer”…so think STRESS, which throws the body out of balance, the ECS will bring it back into balance.

When the ECS isn’t working at optimal levels, then when the stress response system is activated, the body fails to return back to normal once the stressor is gone. This is one of the most common reasons why we see so many digestive, hormonal, chronic inflammatory health issues.

When the ECS isn’t working at optimum we see:

  • Chronic pain patterns
  • Hormonal issues (infertility)
  • Poor detoxification
  • Poor sleep quality & quantity
  • Poor motor control (faulty movement patterns)
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Altered brain function (anxiety/depression/mood)
  • Poor ability to concentrate
  • Low Immune function
  • Altered digestion patterns (IBS)


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Which one to use?

CBD and its other constituents help to stimulate/support proper ECS function to restore body balance. The problem is finding a trusted source for CBD.

I’ve used a bunch over the years, some which were very good, but because of government regulations, the companies shut down.

I’m currently testing out a few and will have a lot to report back on. I’m liking what I’m personally experiencing right now. (I test everything on myself before I even recommend it to my patients and others). Check out my podcast on what I've found to work really well: 

If you found this post to be of benefit leave me your thoughts below, share this with your friends and family members and if you're new, please consider following along the journey! ⁠

Be Well & Aloha⁠

Dr. Mike 🤙🏽

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