Before trying a "weight loss" program address these 3 things

Oh the weight loss programs...

The most common new year’s resolution is weight loss. Gym memberships will spike, people will look into “dieting” (which really means lifestyle, not just food intake), and all other sorts.

But the irony is that even though we’re seeing more & more “weight loss” programs and gyms popping up, overweight/obesity rates are still increasing.

Address these 3 things...

Here’s the biochemical & biophysics truth: if insulin is high, you don’t burn fat. If the mitochondria are inefficient, fat utilization becomes inefficient.

Guess what affects the mitochondria’s ability to do those things effectively?

  • Quality of Light - too much artificial light, wrong light at the wrong time, not enough sunlight)
  • Quality of Water - water in a state that the body accepts it, low viscosity so that the mitochondrial nanomotor can work efficiently
  • How much exposure you get to non-native Electro Magnetic Fields (WiFi, Cell radio frequencies, Bluetooth)

Excessive blue light exposure from artificial lights (like the ones in gyms where people are working out at night or early morning) spikes cortisol levels driving insulin. This excessive barrage of insulin causes the insulin receptors to become desensitized.


This also affects leptin sensitivity. When your brain is desensitized to leptin you don’t know how much food you’ve eaten therefore this makes you want to eat all the time! You eat, insulin spikes, receptors become more desensitized, and you keep storing more fat while becoming more inefficient at burning fat. Beginning to see the problem here?

Excessive blue light will also disrupt melatonin production and secretion. Melatonin deficiency will impact sleep quality not allowing you to get into REM effectively. REM is when your body utilizes more of the fat storages. REM should consist of about 20-25% of your sleep. If you don’t track your sleep with a sleep tracker, you should start doing that! 

Light temperatures tell your body when to make and shut down production of hormones - there should be day and night. But if you’re under artificial lights in the morning and night, your body thinks it’s daytime! Night is when your body will detoxify and rebuild. Excessive toxin buildup will impact how the mitochondria functions.  

Exposures to WiFi, bluetooth, cell phones, etc all day long will dehydrate you. The mitochondria need to be well hydrated to function (electron transport chain) and if it’s not the nanomotor which generates ATP will slow down. Slowly the mitochondria will start to shrink and diminish in number.

You're in Survival Mode!

You’ll pack on the extra fat (because that’s what our bodies are programmed to do as a survival mechanism). Mitochondria dwindle down, fat cells start to secrete more estrogen...and the vicious cycle continues.

You can cut calories, you can run like a hamster, but if you don’t get those mitochondria back up and running, the vicious cycle will continue.

You may be able to “hack” the system and “burn” fat, but the long term effects can be detrimental if you still have damaged mitochondria!

In my Total Hormonal Harmony course, I teach you how to get all these things back into balance!

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