Black Friday 2021 Specials

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2021

The holiday season is upon us now and most people are spending time with their families, eating lots of food, and also looking for the best sales! Over the past few years, I've been able to create partnerships with various brands that created products that I use with patients every day.

Health tools

This is the current list of specials that I've been able to curate for this sale...

AquaTru - this is a countertop water filtration & reverse osmosis purification unit. We use this in our own home and the first time I let the family taste the water, they instantly noticed a difference. with discount code: TRIPLEPLAYDOC

AirDoctor - one of the best & economical air filtration devices. They've run studies showing that it also filters out SARS-COV2 viral particles. They currently have 3 different models to suit your home/office environment. Discount is automatically applied through this link:

I always say to patients "you either have a filter or you become the filter"


Grounding Mat (25% off combo kits) - Earthing. Yeah earthing. Not everyone wants to go stand outside in the cold (if you live in those areas) so these mats make it easier for you. There's a movie you can watch on this through the link. A great way to mitigate EMFs (along with somavedic) and help decrease body inflammation.

KOZE redlight (additional 10% off sale price, automatically applied through link) - Best overall red light device. This is a must have. Oh and did I mention how it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles?

Saunaspace (20% off) - For those who want to get into a sauna, this is the best option overall that I've found. You can easily turn your bathroom into a sauna using their bulb kits.

Somavedic (20% off - BLACKFRIDAY) - EMF harmonization! Listen to the podcast episode. It's quite the investment, but well worth the payoff overall.



Fullscript - for all your general supplementation. Additional 5% of Cyber Monday Sale

Yoli - one of my favorite, must-have products: Alkalete. This is essential to helping balance out your body pH levels. There is nothing like this on the market. I've worked directly with the creators of this phenomenal product and it's a staple with all of my patients. There's a bunch of sales from 10%-40% off. 

On top of that, there are some other great products such as the transformation kit which is a great "all in one" solution for overall body balance and you'll even notice a significant weight loss (yeah that's what everyone focuses on, but...) Take a look around and see what resonates with you: 

Exogenous Ketones - 33% off ketones. Everyone is into the keto craze, but I specifically utilize the exogenous ketones to help curb systemic inflammation. There's a great sale going on right now

CBD oil - This is essential to help balance out the HPA axis that gets thrown off due to chronic stressors. I have a podcast interview where you can learn more about it, or just go straight to the sale Discount code: TRIPLEPLAYDOC

ESS60 - the ultimate longevity product. Listen to the podcast episode I did Code: tripleplaydoc



Total Gut Restore $57 - the ultimate course on getting the gut back into balance. This is the exact protocol I've used with thousands of patients to help them back to health.

Total SLIM Down prelaunch special $47 - this course focuses on LONGEVITY by improving METABOLIC FLEXIBILITY. When you do that the body will naturally get rid of excess fat stores. Oh, and this isn't just for people who want to shed excess fat stores. It's for people who want to gain optimal health! 

This is the updated course to the 4 Pillars of Weight loss. The new course will be a guided course which will begin in early January. Each week we'll do a group Zoom call to check in on everyone. The price of the course will go up as we get closer to the launch of the new course.

TGR & THH Consult Combo $147 (regular $797) In this combo you get both Total Gut Restore & Hormonal Harmony courses plus a 30 min consult with me! So it's basically getting the courses at a steep discount and a free consult with me.

All-Access Special $297 get all my courses. This is the best deal in my opinion. I also throw in surprise content along the way. So if you own this course, it's yours for life as well as any content that I add on in the future! -

30 Min Online consult $147 (reg $397) - Yes I do online consults. This is significantly discounted! We chat over zoom and help set you on course to better health

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