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NanoVi is a staple in my treatment protocol

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As a holistic medicine practitioner I deal with a lot of complex cases. Clear thinking is critical for me to make proper decisions with patients. Using the NanoVi has been part of my health regimen for the past 4 years. Previous to implementing NanoVi I noticed that my concentration and clarity of thought was starting to diminish. I had a difficult time with my speech patterns and felt really tired all throughout the day. On top of dealing with all that, I would occasionally experience panic attacks out of nowhere. Add in being a youth baseball coach running around with 10 year olds, raising 3 little ones, and running a full time practice, my body was taking a beating. My daily recovery felt very sluggish. And even though I felt tired, I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep.


Then I implemented NanoVi and within the first week I started to sleep better! I could fall asleep faster and stay sleeping longer. I would remain in rapid eye movement for longer periods and my sleep cycle started to normalize. Plus when I would wake up in the morning, I felt recharged and was ready for the day. But most importantly, my thinking cleared up. I was able to process information better and serve my patients at a higher capacity. That’s just about me, I can go on an on one how many patients it’s positively affected.