Need a little clarification or direction with your health issues? This is what our consults are for

How it works

Once you choose which consult suits you, then you'll fill out a form telling us about your issue. During the call we'll be able to discuss further about your issues, going over what's been your struggles, coming up with some strategies to help you. We can take a look at your lab work and may recommend some other tests to dive deeper into your health issue. 


Email Consult


Review of Labs

Review of Health Issue

General Recommendations provided via email


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20 Min ZOOM


Same as Email Consult

20 Min ZOOM call

Recorded call

Guidance given during call

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30 Min ZOOM


Same as 20 Min ZOOM

Call is 30 Min

Post call will receive a customized protocol 

Follow up Zoom call to provide clarification of the customized protocol

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Client Testimonials