Immune System Masterclass

Learn the fundamentals to help keep your body's immune system running at optimal levels

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How the immune system works

I'll teach you in a very easy to understand way on how your immune system works. 

What Supports the Immune System

You'll learn the lifestyle techniques, foods & supplements that helps to support the immune system

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Why You Need This Information


I get so many messages from people asking "how do I support my immune system?" Especially with the recent viral outbreaks, people are more concerned than ever. But there's a more deeper issue that people often overlook with the immune system: chronic degenerative diseases! 

I deal with tons of patients who are going through cancer, dementia and multiple sclerosis and they all have one thing in common: an altered immune system response! 

Oh and many new parents have questions about "how do I support my baby's immune system" or "how do I help protect my child when they're going to school?" 

Class Content

Here's what we'll cover in this class

Part 1: The Immune System General Overview

You'll learn how the immune system actually works. This is an important aspect to grasp in order to understand what it really takes to help to support the immune response. 

Part 2: Lifestyle Implementations that support the immune system

Here you'll learn the specific things you must be doing to support the immune system. We'll also go over the things you shouldn't be doing as well as the things you hear, but aren't really that effective

Part 3: Foods that support the immune system

Learn which foods you should be eating and how you should be eating them. This will serve you for a lifetime! 

Part 4: Specific Supplements that support the immune system

I'll teach you how to build an all natural first aid kit. Which supplements actually work. Which ones don't. This is the part that everyone wants to know. But this isn't the place to start if you're not doing the other things we talk about in this class. 

Bonus Content!!!

Along with this masterclass you'll get two other masterclasses which are pertinent to the topic and is a common question I receive. 

Bonus 1: The Vaccine Masterclass

In this masterclass we go over the what vaccines do, what do they consist of, how they impact the body and what choices do you have. 

Bonus 2: The Cancer Masterclass

Here's a class that everyone should have being that the statistics show that 1 in 3 people will encounter this in their lifetime. We go over what is the actual etiology of cancer, why some of the conventional treatment methods aren't very effective and what a comprehensive protocol would look like. 

Bonus 3 & 4: SARS-COV2/COVID19 Discussion

I've included a private masterclass that I did for my members as well as the podcast episode on SARS-COV2. 

All The Tools You Need To Build A Robust Immune System

Take the guess work out of trying this or trying that. Learn the fundamentals to what will actually help your immune system!

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