Online Consulting Offer

$247.00 USD

 30 Minute Consultation

Our call is done over Zoom

Anywhere in the world! 

You'll get access to our online portal where you'll answer some questions and can send us labs if you have any. 

Then we'll do the call where you'll be able to chat with Dr. Mike and he'll give you a brief explanation of what's going on and what's a good place to start.

Then after the call he'll work on an Initial Strategy plan for you to follow. 



If you were a former patient of Dr. Mike's office in Irvine, CA, you are NOT eligible for this offer. 

What People Are Saying:

“Dr. Mike is the reason I was able to get pregnant after cervical cancer, leep, endometriosis, and an ectopic pregnancy! ”


“Dr. Mike is the BEST! So knowledgeable about everything in the health space. Really helped me to get to the root cause of my health issues naturally so that I was able to get rid of them for good with no medication. Highly, highly recommend to everyone! ”


“Dr. Mike helped me to recover from several surgeries including knee, shoulder & foot. His recommendations allowed my recoveries to be cut in half. If you know someone who is sick or afraid of being sick, send them to Dr. Mike”


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