What is the Total Gut Restore course all about?


Frequently Asked Questions

You'll be walked through the 5 steps to healing your gut. I'll show you what things you need to be doing at specific times. I'll provide you with both recommended supplements and food equivalents if you don't want to use supplementation. A daily schedule will be provided as well for you to follow. 

Almost anyone who has a digestive problem and those who have chronic health issues. Health starts within the gut. When the gut is off, it's next to impossible for the body to heal. 

I wouldn't recommend this for people with "severe" health issues that needs to be under the observation of a qualified healthcare practitioner. Or if you don't want to make any changes in your lifestyle, specifically your mindset, this isn't the course for you. 

The average person will be able to complete the program in about 6-12 months. Again, this is all based upon biochemical individuality and how severe your gut issues are. But on average, I've seen patients make massive improvement within 6-12 months. 

Generally not really, but I would always advise you to consult with your physician before taking part in ANY type of program. 

On each section you'll be able to ask questions and I'll jump on from time to time to field those questions. On occasion we may have question and answer sessions. 

"I've noticed a significant decrease in belly bloating. I've always carried extra weight in my midsection which became full and stiff, especially since my pregnancy. Now it's much more soft "

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